Alilauro Gruson

Salvatore Di Leva

An authentic 5 generation local Sorrentine, born and raised within the sound of  the rocking waves of Marina Piccola, Salvatore Di Leva has been a seaman all his life,  with a career from ship’s boy to Captain.I

in 1975 he boarded the “Achille Lauro” for the first time as a ship’s officer and continued his career on D’Amico cargo ships until 1978, when he became the youngest title holder in the business. Today, he is the chairman of GESCAB s.r.l. and promoter of many important initiatives for tourism and pleasure boating businesses.

His tireless enthusiasm and love for his family have contributed to make him worthy of the “Sorrento nel Mondo” (Sorrento in the World) Award in 2012.