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About us

Certus Online S.A. is a tourism industry service-based systems integrator whose top priority is to service its customers in the most efficient way. Delivering value through unparalleled customer service and operational excellence has been foundational at Certus Online S.A. Our promise, and our number one objective, is to be our customer's best service provider.

The purpose of the company is the provision of integrated tourism services through the research, development, use and marketing of modern high-end electronic products and services (systems) (telecommunication, software development) of booking, ticketing and any other related service, that is produced by carriers, ferry, air, land and all other transport, hotel businesses.

We offer

By relying on CertusBook™ , the industry leading booking system that provides advanced booking functionalities and pricing management tools, you will have a powerful tool helping you to achieve inventory optimization and full booking potentiality resulting to totally efficient capacity management.

Take smarter pricing decisions

Thanks to a comprehensive set of products and a powerful pricing management tool you can get foresee and adjust to the continuously changing and demanding customer needs.

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Unlimited potentiality to address web channels

by providing a truly amazing reservation experience through your B2B and B2C web engines, through the use of mobile apps, third party travel portals and easy integration with external agencies and GDS networks.

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Raise “Customer Experience” to a higher level

by seamlessly integrating with automated check-in tools like vehicle and passenger gateways, license plate auto recognition, self-service kiosks and mobile devices.

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By relying on CertusBook™ , the industry leading booking system that provides advanced booking functionalities and pricing management tools, you will have a powerful tool helping you to achieve inventory optimization and full booking potentiality resulting to totally efficient capacity management.

Different booking types

The CertusBook™ booking application handles different booking types, such as passenger bookings with cabins, enumerated and non-enumerated seats, vehicles, onboard services and cargo bookings.

Multi leg routes

The CertusBook™ can easily manage both multi leg routes, simple round trip routes and circular routes with repeatable calls for the same ports.

A ferry operator in order to have loyal customers needs to provide them with the best possible experience way before they set foot on board a vessel. CertusBook™ provides customers with such an experience.

B2C channel

The CertusBook™ B2C channel enables customers to perform their bookings in a user friendly fast and reliable environment using their pc, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

API Integration

We consider it important that other systems can be integrated with CertusBook™ . And for this reason we provide an API (Application Programming Interface) through which various external systems can interact with our booking system in a seamless way.

CertusBook™ Key Functionalities


User Management

Fully customizable user access profiles and permissions levels to control access to data and functionalities across the CertusBook™. platform.
Vessel Configuration

Vessel Configuration

Flexible vessel configuration. Fully configurable templates including, cabin plan, beds, seats, on-board facilities, car and freight deck space, and multiple decks.

Price Management

The CertusBook™ offers a wide set of tools to define prices for all products and onboard services, including “Pricing Rules” with automated or on demand rules that provide the ability to create nested pricelists, perform dynamic pricing, have multiple flexibility levels, create special offers to support promotions and much more. “Discounts”, “Taxes”, “Fees” and various company defined “Surcharges” that contribute on the final price definition.
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Through the use of allotment capacity management the system provides maximization of sales on any type of itinerary, from a simple point to point one to a demanding circular with multi hops itinerary.
Sailing Plan & Schedule 

Sailing Plan & Schedule 

Powerful automated tools to create and maintain either bulk yearly schedule configuration or individual extra departures, saving time and avoiding common overlapping issues. Supports, multi-legs and multi-hop complex schedules, enables sails transfers as well as straightforward functionalities such as swapping ships and transferring bookings thus permitting daily handle operations without any hassles.


A wide and straightforward set of reservation functionalities grouped into a single user-friendly graphical interface for internal agents (call-center user) and integrated for supporting B2B and B2C sale channels as well as any distribution channel and XML integrators.


Workflow based check-in system to manage and monitor the entire boarding lifecycle of passengers, vehicles and freight. Ability to set open/close status for sailings, gates, sales channels and vehicles lanes. Support for 1D/2D barcode and QR code.


Accounting functionalities to issue bulk, scheduled and on-demand invoices/credit notes to Customers and Agencies according to predefined financial rules like credit limits, invoicing period, commissions, etc.
Reporting Services

Reporting Services

Embedded reporting tool to manage, and deliver all operational reports and documents easier and faster, straight through the Booking System.
Integration Services

Integration Services

Built-in integration module to manage the data integration from/to the Booking System using the XML protocol. Includes pre-configured web services for common systems like accounting and general ledger, external CRM, data warehouse and BI, credit cards payments, on-board systems, etc.


Fully parametric configuration of commissions, by accommodation/vehicle type, services, agencies, itinerary or itinerary part. Connection to booking and check-in systems, issuance of statements for issued or travelled tickets. Monthly or periodically defined clearances for cooperating travel agencies. Matching of Issued versus Travelled tickets for statistical purposes.
Automatic Transfers

Automatic Transfers

Transfers of passengers, vehicles, freight and services. Exchange vessels for whole itinerary or itinerary part. Transfers between vessels with completely different accommodation structure. Departure prohibition management. Partial transfer of passengers and vehicles. Remove or add one or more calls/stops from a scheduled itinerary

Our Clients

A true partnership is a two-way street — ideas and information flow openly and regularly, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for one another’s expertise — and our clients embrace this philosophy.

Alilauro Gruson
Capitan Morgan
Golden Star Ferries
Minoan Lines
Ionian Seaways

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