CertusBook ™

Regardless if your company has a fleet of one or  a hundred ships CertusBook ™ is the right choice to “Sail past competition”.

  • The CertusBook ™ booking application handles different booking types, such as passenger bookings with cabins, enumerated and non-enumerated seats, vehicles, onboard services and cargo bookings.
  • The CertusBook ™; can easily manage both multi leg routes, simple round trip routes and circular routes with repeatable calls for the same ports.
  • The CertusBook ™ B2C channel enables customers to perform their bookings in a user friendly fast and reliable environment using their pc, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • We consider it important that other systems can be integrated with CertusBook ™ . And for this reason we provide an API (Application Programming Interface) through which various external systems can interact with our booking system in a seamless way.