Levante Ferries Group, combining the noble aspects of Hellenic Naval Tradition with the modern spirit of new technologies and concepts, quickly established itself in the service of the Patras – Kyllini – Zakynthos – Kefalonia – Ithaca sea area, offering to the Passenger modern ships, as well as advanced land services.

“Key” factor in the rapid development of Levante Ferries and its consolidation in passenger consciousness was the significant experience of its executives in serving citizens-passengers, as well as its pioneering approach to the evolution of the Ferry – Shipping market and the needs of the travelers in the Ionian Sea.

The Levante Ferries fleet consists of four ships built to the highest standards: the brand new «Fior di Levante», the beautiful «Mare di Levante», the modernized «Andreas Kalvos» and the well-known «Kefalonia». Our ships, staffed with experienced and fully trained crews, offer passengers a completely safe, comfortable and pleasant trip, even in the toughest weather conditions.

Levante Ferries has also made possible for passengers to issue an e-ticket, supported by a smartphone app, thus making queues a thing of the past.

Levante Ferries, despite the warm welcome of travelers, does not rest, but closely monitors every modern technology and up-to-date specification, aiming to be present in the “next day” developments of the Ferry – Shipping market with a structured strategy and an organized plan, that lead to a stronger fleet, even more routes and new destinations.

Levante Ferries’ central vision is to bring “the Ionian Sea Forward” and its ferry -shipping services to become a model in the Greek and international markets. Our Company recognizes its responsibility as a universal service provider and pledges not to rest until its will for “not even one blocked islander in the Ionian Sea” becomes reality.